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Top Airport Travel Tips

For many of us, holidays start when we arrive at the airport!

Here are a few things that can make an airport experience fast, easy, and even fun… Taking carry-on luggage, Fast track, and having an airport lounge card/airport lounge pre-booked.

Unless you need checked-in luggage, it’s usually far easier to start a trip taking hand luggage and getting through security fast, leaving you with lots of time to eat, drink and chill!

1: Take a Carry On Bag Only Skip those long lines, extra fees, and the stress of your bag being weighed, or even worse, lost!

Just be sure to check your luggage size (and weight) restrictions on the airline’s website, as some are really rigorous with their hand luggage checks!

Make it a challenge- pack comfortable outfits, mix and match and wear them over again. Less stuff means a lighter and smaller bag that is so much easier to carry around.

2: Check in online and purchase Fast track Security This enables you to go straight through to security, avoiding bag drop and check-in queues. And with Fast Track, you go straight to the front of the security check queues too! ( Note: Not all airports have a fast track option)

And when you arrive at your destination, it leaves you free to grab your luggage from the overhead locker, and off you go! No waiting around for luggage carousels or having to endure lost luggage issues!

3: Airport Lounges

Some credit cards also come with the added benefit of airport lounges. If you don’t have one of those, there is always an option to book a lounge online prior, or take a risk of availability and try to purchase entrance on the day.

Many of these lounges in the large airports are super luxurious, catering to business and first-class passengers, and serving a wide selection of fresh food, drinks, showers, and even spas.

Whereas others in local areas are much smaller and have fewer luxuries. All of these airport lounges provide respite from the hustle and bustle of the airport, usually providing a peaceful place, to wait for a flight.

A huge benefit is that everyone gets on the plane rested, well-fed, and hydrated! Don’t forget to grab a few snacks for the plane!